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We provide highly trained, superbly professional security personnel for your every need – be it personal security, industrial, IT, infrastructure, retail, or in any other domain.

We give very good training to our guards with the technology so that our guards are never equipped with technical equipment. We teach our guards that the guests or customers who come to the company do not have any problem with their safety and respect.

Throughout the year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Victas Security stands committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, their loved ones, employees, their properties, and possessions.

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Why You should Consider Us?

Victas Security offers best security services in Delhi-NCR through professional and highly trained security guards who monitor and protect your premises and belongings against damage and criminal activity.

Victas Security personnels are highly trained and follows the international security standards as well as they are tough the technological tools and systems to manage the control.



Victas Security Services have a range of corporate security solutions offerings traines security personnels as well as locking and identification security systems. Besides security conscious individuals and home owners, sectors like banking, media, information technology, insurance, major sporting events, heritage monuments and hospitality have an ever increasing need for technology enabled security services, emergency response solutions, crowd management and facility management. Victas Security Services provides an all- encompassing range of services for all Corporate Sector. Victas security Services is best security or house keeping services for your company or property.



Victas Security Services With Industrial Security we devised the advances systems to handle your Information Security, Computer & Network Security, Advanced Human Recognition Systems etc. A nation’s progress lies in the smooth and efficient operations and security of enterprises like steel & heavy industries, food & beverages, automobiles, construction, engineering, chemical and industrial gases, paper and cement. For such industries, Victas security Services contributes with the security of their foundation despite tough geographical terrains, hostile and political environment, ensuring that the security and efficiency of operations and manufacturing are never compromised. Victas security Services is best security or house keeping services for your company or property. .



Housekeeping services is extremely important for a company. Work stations, floors, cafeteria and washrooms should be regularly cleaned from health and hygiene’s perspective. There should be an efficient janitorial staff to maintain these services. Victas Security Services are dedicated to providing top-level cleaning management to our customers in numerous segments: shopping centers and showrooms, corporate workplaces, health institutions, educational institutions and hospitality, etc. Victas security Services is best security or house keeping services for your company or property.

What are the all other services we do provide?

Victas Security provides extensive services with a view of meeting our client’s expectations. While our guarding services from the pillar of our operations, we also hold expertise in a wide range of other services. We run a 24 hour high-tech control room and provide round-the-clock protection and surveillance.

  • Security services (Threat & Risk analysis, VIP/Executive protection, workplace violation protection, etc.)
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Facility Services
  • Manpower solutions
  • Electronic Security System
  • Cash-N-Transit Services
  • O & M (Operation & Network Maintenance)


DETECTIVE SERVICES: We have highly trained personals to carry out assignments while maintaining complete secrecy. They are equally trained in surveillance technique and gathering secret information’s and ensure that they operate like shadows at all times.

CASH-N-TRANSIT: We provide complete assistance to companies who need to transit huge amounts of cash. Safeguarding your interest is a priority here because we understand the importance of carrying out this operation successfully.

DOG SQUAD: The Canine workforce is an added services that Victas Security offers. We have a squad of intelligently trained dogs to tackle dangerous situations and to detect bombs and prevent a tragedy

OPERATIONS AND NETWORK MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Our telecom and network clients can rest assured that the staff at Victas Security has the required hands-on experience and the proficient ability to coordinate well with the client’s offshore team. Our security guards backed by our in-house technical professional, who coordinate with troubleshooting activities with client’s offshore tech team ensures maximum network uptime. This, in turn, helps us secure the telecom servers and provide complete telesecurity (Telesec) to our esteemed network and telecom clients.

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